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Watch Case

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Organize your collection with ease

Add all your watches, photos and documentation to keep track of your horological adventures so you can enjoy it later.

Core Features

Powerful features making horology enjoyable, fun... and organized.

Watch Case

For all your watches

no matter brand, size, price or age...

Watch Case


to showcase each of your watches.

Watch Case

Store all info

you care about. From dry facts to personal stories.

Watch Case

Print ready

,store all your collection on paper.

Watch Case

Stats and trends

for a better overview of your collection.

Watch Case

Services & warranties

to keep all important information.

... and more.

Easy to start with and powerful at a second glance.

Watch Case is not a generic app for your notes. It is dedicated for watch lovers.


Watch Case templates will give you a great start and you can customize them as you go.

Sorting, filtering and archiving

Sort by brands or models. Filter watches according to your own tags and archive sold watches.

Dry info, stories and galleries.

In addition to entering all the 'dry info', there is a dedicated space for stories and galleries.

Services, warranties and other documents

Servicing info, warranties cards, other documents. All of that can be easily stored within the app.

Watch Case

Advanced Features

For those who want to track their daily wear and more.

Watch Case


so you understand your wearing trends.

Watch Case

Advanced settings

for power users wanting to tweak their apps.

Watch Case

Custom Fields

because each watch is different.

Watch Case


so you can find the watch you're looking for.

Publish blogs to the web

Coming in Q2 of 2024, Watch Case users will be able to publish their collections to the web.

Watch Case


Watch Case can be unlocked with a yearly subscription of $10.

Unlimited collection size

Wristcheck tracking

Watch archiving

Instagram sharing

Publish to web (coming in Q1, 2024)

Unlimited galleries

Unlimited documents, warranties and services

Editable fields and labels

Collection statistic

Powerful sortin, tags and categories

Cross device syncing

Export collection to PDF

Biometric lock

Alternatively to the subscription model, we offer a one-time payment that unlocks all paid features of the app without a time limit.

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