The Watch Case logo, showing a mechanical round watch with a pink strap

Watch Case

Release notes

This page will give you insights into the development process of the app and its past iterations.

  • Archiving, better syncing, subscriptions or one-time payments


    • Added a single, one-time in-app purchase to unlock all features.
    • Added a feature allowing users to Archive watches so even if a watch should no longer live in the main list, it can be sill archived and accessible.
    • Improved iCloud data sync on first launch. Added indications when data is syncing.
    • Improved theming with additional tint colors for dark and light theme.
    • Alternative app icons to reflect the new logo.


    • Single watch: Labels on data rows should no longer overlap long text.
    • Dates are included on the exported PDFs
    • Fixed an issue on iPads where PDF export was crashing the app.
    • If possible, exported PDF document will be named based on the watch brand and the model.
    • First launch doesn’t start with bookmarked watches.
    • Fixed app crash when ‘wearing now’ button pressed but graph isn’t visible.
    • Fixed “add photo” button to properly show permissions before camera launch.
    • Fixed colors on several UI elements.
    • Added internet connection and iCloud checks to appropriate features.


    • Added search box to Currency picker view for faster and easier selection.
    • Added indication about last time iCloud synced.
    • Individual watch: The settings menu is moved to the right side of the navigation bar for quicker access.
  • Powerful tags and sorting features


    • Tags system
    • 2-columns view on Mac and iPad
    • Simplified navigation
  • New features, cleaner look and better iOS integration


    • #wristcheck feature
    • streak share to Instagram
    • Stats view improvments
  • Mid-year release was focused on iPads and better iOS integration


    • Visual improvements
    • 3-columns view on iPads
    • macOS specific improvements
    • Theming improvements
  • Light and dark themes folow more features and improvements

    Watch Case matures. As it grows, I add less obvious features and care more about the look and marketing of the app.


    • Visual improvements
    • Light and dark themes
    • Templates for new watches
    • Entries editing view
  • 2020 was a year of improvements

    Watch Case went through some significant visual overhaul with a few new features.


    • Visual improvements
    • Statistics view
  • Third release of the year enables Watch Case on Macs

    Towards the end of the year, I decided to use Catalyst to enable Watch Case on Macs. Thanks to this move, Watch Case users were able to use full capabilities of the keyboard and mouse to add and edit their collections.


    • Watch Case enabled on Macs
    • New color schema and refreshed logo.
  • Watch Case is available for iPads

    The June release was focused on the iPad allowing users to edit and add watches with the use of a keyboard. I used iCloud to sync data between devices.


    • Watch Case supports keyboard input and iPad screen sizes
    • Enabled cloud syncing through iCloud
    • Made the entries list more flexible
  • Watch Case 1.0 hits the App Store

    The first official release of Watch Case hits the App Store. I was able to bake in majority of the functionality I was clearly a miminum viable product with lots of room to improve.


    • First iPhone version released on the app store
    • Add watches with galleries, stories and several entries
    • Export watches to PDFs